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My dad had to put a lien on his house & his wife depleted her life savings account to come up with the (10%) for my bail. It held back my Dad's retirement plan by 4 years.
I once bailed out a friend and then he was deported. I read the agreement and the paperwork says that if he is deported then I am not liable, but despite how many times I have disputed it they still continue to claim that I owe them money and they fight my attempts to remove it from my credit. It is the only debt I have on my credit history - It continues to hurt me every time I apply for an apartment.
I owe Aladdin Bail Bonds $5k and it is the only debt I have on my credit history - I served the time and paid off my restitution and fees, but I can’t get out of the debit to Aladdin. It has hurt me when I apply for an apartment, and since my family was involved it is on their credit as well.

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Do you have a story to tell about losing money, your belongings, or even family members to a ruthless bail bondsman? Did you work in the bail industry, but leave because of its harmful practices? Please consider sharing your story to help pass bail reform in California.

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